Meet the Team


Hi! I'm Emma Baker.


I am a mother of two beautiful children, who has a passion for life and capturing it. I began my working career as a teacher but after having my daughter, I chose to return to the thing I loved most, photography and haven’t looked back. I love being able to follow the journey my clients are on, and capture those moments that go by so quickly. The stories I have been privileged to learn and capture stay with me forever and I remember each and everyone.


When a loved one passes, the first thing we look for are photographs of them. Something that shows us who they were, as we remembered them. The portrait is not something that is doesn’t matter, it is something very very important and It is my job to capture those photographs so you can look back and remember.


With photographing over 2000 newborn babies, mummies to be and children, devoting my time to learning the safest ways to pose newborns, to define my style and to capture not just a photograph but a memory or an emotion from each set up I do, I provide the highest quality experience to those who walk into my studio and pair it with fine art products that will bring life to your home and ever lasting memories displayed for friends and family to enjoy.


At Aurora Joy Photography, we take our time to get to know each of our clients and their family individually as well as a whole. We love to find out what they love about one another, what they enjoy doing, their favourite colours, hobbies, special talents etc so that we can customize their photographic experience to suit them. We include hair and make up at no charge, for mummies to be and new mummies * (mother) as our way to say thank you for being an amazing mummy and to provide them with a full circle service experience.


Our range of products provide our clients with individualised, professional, fine art, high quality and unique products including metal and wood prints, Fine art framed canvas’ and acrylic wall art that will create a talking, living master piece on any wall. babies.


Skye Drake - Hair & Makeup


Hi there! My name is Skye Drake and I am a fully qualified makeup artist and hairstylist, specialising in makeup for photography. With over 6 years of experience, I know exactly what works for every beautiful face I get the pleasure of glamming!


For the past 4 and a half years, I have had the absolute pleasure of working alongside Emma and getting the chance to not only meet, but get to know so many beautiful families. Seeing a mumma, getting to do her hair and makeup for her maternity shoot and then being able to meet that special little one (or ones) once they are born, is the most rewarding experience for me!


I have to kick myself every day that I am lucky enough for this to be my career and that I even met the lovely Emma in the first place.


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Eliza - Newborn Assistant, Administration and Social Media Tech


Eliza is a key member of our team, she is out amazing assistant for our sessions but also our admin and social media teach. Her role is to not only assist during newborn sessions with setting up & packing away but to also make sure baby is safe during our sessions. This means she is next to your special little one at all times while I photograph them. When assisting a newborn session, you may notice Eliza wears nice,
thick woolen gloves... this is not just to make sure baby is comfortable when positioned but also
because Eliza has the COLDEST HANDS EVER & this stops baby from startling haha

She rocks the computer and helps get all the nitty gritty tasks ticked off our board.